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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Privacy Policy

By using the service , you entrust your information to us. This privacy policy is intended to help you understand the data we collect, the reasons why we collect it, and how we use it.

It is important to keep in mind that every data we obtain about you will be kept very confidential.

Privacy Policy:

We provide several services and services that allow each use to require some information about you. When you use our services and services you may indirectly share information with us.

You need to know that we do not store data from your device such as cookies, IP addresses, and browsers. We really value your privacy, so if you are new to our services and services you don't need to worry about the data you provide us. If you have questions about the privacy policy that we have you can contact us .

Information we collect:

The reason we collect information that we get from you is to improve the quality of the services and services we provide to you and to make it easier for us to contact you again. The information we collect includes, name, e-mail address and telephone number (if needed).

We will not publish this information to the general public, the information you provide is nothing but to be used in accordance with the service or service you choose. Therefore, using the services and services that we provide you must comply with and comply with the privacy policies that we make and other regulations that we will add in the future.

The way we use the information we collect:

We reaffirm that the information we collect is to make it easier for us to contact you again. We can send or provide information about services and services that we have by contacting you via email or by telephone number.

Every information that you provide to us must be correct, we are not responsible for the misinformation that you provide to us which results in the services we provide, therefore contact us immediately if you really want to update information about you.

Some time you can be asked to provide your name, email, mobile number or other contact information but that will not be stored on our website it can be used to contact you in some circumstances but it is upto you that you give contact information honestly or fake.

Contact Us:

If you still have any question or query contact us on our contact us page.

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