What is handsanitizer and the name of good ones




What is handsanitizer and the name of good ones

What is handsanitizer and the name of good ones

Hand Sanitizer name,locations and prices

There is many sanitizars are available in the market, somewhere it is in limited quantity or even short in availability so the vendors and also the factories are trying to meet the demand and trying to maintain the time difference in supply so the shortage could get batter and customer can get the hand sanitizer when they need

Hand Sanitizer Names :

There are many companies which are selling sanitizers with different companies name but almost same product name so u can search a good sanitizer company and can buy it anywhere
1 : Dettol hand sanitizer
2 : The vitamin company sanitizer
3 : Capri hand sanitizer
4 : Ultra compact hand sanitiser
5 : Eskulin hand sanitizer
6 : Enchantuer Hand sanitiser
7 : Enliven luxury Hand Sanitiser
8 : Palmolive Naturals Handsanitiser
9 : Dalton Hand Sanitiser
10 : Pounds Hand Sanitiser
11 : Nilco 70% Alcohol hand sanitiser
12 : Carex Hand sanitiser
13 : MCOTHAMP Hand sanitizer
14 : ZERO Hand sanitizer
15 : Cool Days Hand sanitizer
16 : Siruini Hand sanitizer
17 : Cath Kidston Hand sanitizer
18 : Ecofinest Handsanitizer
19 : Lifebuoy Immunity boosting hand sanitizer
20 : Mona 70% multipurpose Hand sanitizer
21 : Medisanitize disinfect antibacterial sanitizer
22 : Purida Hand Sanitizer
23 : Cosmedi Hand sanitizer
24 : QMED Hand Sanitizer
25 : Covex Hand Sanitizer
26 : Senses Hand sanitizer
27 : Medex Hand sanitizer
28 : Beauty new hand sanitizer
29 : Bahoma Hand sanitizer
30 : Sursol Hand sanitizer
31 : First defence Hand sanitizer
32 : Aquasan Hand sanitizer
33 : Clearzal hand sanitizer
34 : Kybbe Hand sanitizer
35 : Moretime Hand sanitizer
36 : Purex Hand sanitizer
37 : Lomelomme Hand sanitizer
38 : Yebiral Hand sanitizer
39 : Ahava Hand sanitizer
40 : Weone hand sanitizer

Function Of hand sanitizer : 

Hand sanitizer is a soft form of liquid which is mostly like the color of water and non smelly and non sticky but a little bit thick and contrasted just because of the presence of Aloe Vera in it
This liquid is used to kill the disinfectant, Disinfection and germs
Now a days hand sanitizer is very useful for daily use and avoid from germs and virus which may be very harmful so this is a thing which we can use for instant hand sanitize at any time anywhere, hand sanitizer is not only for hands to clean from germs but also can apply anywhere on the surface of skin and it will instant dissolve in body when you will use it

How hand sanitizer could made :

Most of handsanitizer are made from isopropyl alcohol, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, essential oil, Aloe Vera and some other thing but the major and main thing is isopropyl alcohol

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