URL must be a valid top-level domain




URL must be a valid top-level domain

URL must be a valid top-level domain

URL must be a valid top-level domain. Did you mean to enter:

URL must be a valid top-level domain is an error or problem which is coming now a days when a publisher is trying to submit his website into adsense, basically google is improving adsense program day by day and new people is facing a lot of problems and they are searching for solution of these problems, i am pretty sure the old experts are also confused due to these changing and improvements in their program

Why issue create as URL must be a valid top-level domain:

A few days ago google changes some policies and make some stricts rules and decision, i don't think so these rules are friendly for their business but this will help to advertiser to safe their investment in their adsense programnow we cant put a site directly in adsense when we are going to submit a new domain or website

4 easy steps focused URL must be a valid top-level domain:

 1: open your adsense and go into "SITES" option and look for an option named as "ADD SITE"
2: if you don't have any domain then first of all get a domain and after that put the domain name here in this option but dont fill with complete link, just paste your link here and remove the http://www and just simply put your domain name Example "govtjobswali.com" and press "Next" button  3: when you will press the next button, there will be come a page asking you to get copy the code and paste that code into your wordpress or blogger so you can add and continue your site with adsense4: when you submit the code into your domain hosting provider, after that come back onto adsense page and press the "SUBMIT" and after that they will verify either you have correctly paste the code into you blogger or wordpress or misplace, if you place the code on the correct place they will add and verify with in few days almost 24 hoursand this way you can easily set your issue URL must be a valid top-level domain
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