Optimize Blog Post Titles Using H2 Tag
Optimize Blog Post Titles Using H2 Tag

Optimize Blog Post Titles Using H2 Tag

Hello today we're going to see how can we optimize our blog post. As you know headline tags start from H1 and go up to H6 in decreasing order of size. They play immense importance in our blog template optimization. Just as I told that a search engine robot reads your content just the way a human reads it. Headlines, Bolded and Highlighted texts draw attention. By default all blogger templates are designed such that the H1 tag is given to Homepage Main Title, H2 is given to Blog Description or Header dates, sidebar headers and H3 is assigned for post titles.

Whilst the fact is that your Post titles are second most important part of your blog after the main title. Sidebar titles and Post description are peanuts in comparison to your post titles.
Its your post titles that ping search engines on an update and are indexed and crawled by search engine robots. In SEO the post title is referred as the KING whiles post content is referred as the QUEEN. So if the king is treated with H3 tag instead of H2 tag then I guess you must re-plan your Traffic campaign..

Changing Post Tiles Heading Tags In Blogger

To change post titles default H3 tag to H2 heading Tag then follow the steps below,
Go To Blogger> Design > Edit HTML
Backup your template
Search for .post h3
and replace it with .post h2  (keep replacing that for all occurrences of .post h2)
Then search for,


And Replace it with.

Save your template and Congratulations for the smart change! :>
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