How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL
How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

Welcome friends once again to this interesting post this post is about blogger. In this post I am going to tell you how you can remove date from posts URL in blogger.

In WordPress you can remove date from your post URL but in blogger it is not possible to remove that date from URL like when you create a new post in blogger you see that date in the URL of that post.

This looks annoying but you don't have to worry about that because I have founded a solution for you now what you have to do is follow the steps provided below to remove that post published date from your posts URL's so let's take a look on it.

Advantages Of This Feature:

How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

  • It gives clear look to your URL
  • Looks easy to Remember
  • Make your site look professional

Disadvantages of this features ( in some cases ):

How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

  • User will not be able to find that post if he/she enter the exact URL in the URL bar
  • If you want to go back on that page you will find 404 error page

Steps for installation of this feature:

    How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Layout Section
  3. Create a new widget as HTML / JavaScript widget
  4. Copy the code provided below and paste it in that widget
    <script type="text/javascript">
    // BloggerJS v0.3.1
    // Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Kenny Cruz
    // Licensed under the MIT License
    var urlTotal,nextPageToken,postsDatePrefix=!1,accessOnly=!1,useApiV3=!1,apiKey="",blogId="",postsOrPages=["pages","posts"],jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!0,feedPriority=0,amp="&"[0];function urlVal(){var e=window.location.pathname,t=e.length;return".html"===e.substring(t-5)?0:t>1?1:2}function urlMod(){var e=window.location.pathname;"p"===e.substring(1,2)?(e=(e=e.substring(e.indexOf("/",1)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(".html")),history.replaceState(null,null,"../"+e)):(e=(e=postsDatePrefix?e.substring(1):e.substring(e.indexOf("/",7)+1)).substr(0,e.indexOf(".html")),history.replaceState(null,null,"../../"+e))}function urlSearch(e,t){var n=e+".html";t.forEach(function(e){-1!})}function urlManager(){var e=urlVal();0===e?accessOnly||urlMod():1===e?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],1):2===e&&(accessOnly||history.replaceState(null,null,"/"))}function getJSON(e,t){var n=document.createElement("script");if(useApiV3){var o=""+blogId+"/"+e+"?key="+apiKey+"#maxResults=500#fields=nextPageToken%2Citems(url)#callback=bloggerJSON";nextPageToken&&(o+="#pageToken="+nextPageToken),nextPageToken=void 0}else o=window.location.protocol+"//"+window.location.hostname+"/feeds/"+e+"/default?start-index="+t+"#max-results=150#orderby=published#alt=json-in-script#callback=bloggerJSON";o=o.replace(/#/g,amp),n.type="text/javascript",n.src=o,document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(n)}function bloggerJSON(e){var t=[];if(useApiV3||void 0===urlTotal&&(urlTotal=parseInt(e.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t)),useApiV3){try{e.items.forEach(function(e,n){t.push(e.url)})}catch(e){}nextPageToken=e.nextPageToken}else try{e.feed.entry.forEach(function(n,o){var r=e.feed.entry[o];,n){"alternate"[n].rel&&t.push([n].href)})})}catch(e){}urlSearch(window.location.pathname,t),urlTotal>150?(jsonIndex+=150,urlTotal-=150,getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority],jsonIndex)):nextPageToken?getJSON(postsOrPages[feedPriority]):secondRequest&&(nextPageToken=void 0,urlTotal=void 0,jsonIndex=1,secondRequest=!1,0===feedPriority?(feedPriority=1,getJSON("posts",1)):1===feedPriority&&(feedPriority=0,getJSON("pages",1)))}function bloggerJS(e){e&&(feedPriority=e),urlManager()}bloggerJS();
  6. Save Widget

How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

You are done now go and refresh the page and you will see that post published date will be removed from the URL now the disadvantage ( in some cases not every time ) is that if you reload the page you will get an error because that URL is not founded.

So I recommend you not to use this feature in blogger but you can try this on your blog and see if it creates any error then don't use it else use it.

How to remove Post Publish Date from Blogger Posts URL

Conclusion & My recommendations:

That was the thing that I want to tell you I was searching for this kind of script and I found it questions but I haven't founded the exact answer but then I visited one website where founded the script.

If you have any difficulty or any question you can simply comment below.
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