How to make your Website Load Faster




How to make your Website Load Faster

How to make your Website Load Faster

How to make your Website Load Faster

Today I am going to tell you some techniques to make your website load faster.

I used up all these techniques and I got very best results and I decided it to share all these tricks or techniques with you so that you can also make your website rank high on Google .

So below are the some techniques that will help you make your website load faster.

Lazy loading:

Lazy loading is a technique by which you can load anything on any event you can lazy load your images, your AdSense ads, your videos and many other stuff you will find tutorials on this website about lazy loading images, AdSense ads, videos etc.

Compressing your code:

If you are a developer or designer you have used JavaScript libraries or plugins for example jQuery, you see that you will be provided with two files one is jQuery.js and another is jQuery.min.js.

If you take a look on the size of these both files you will se we have different size but the both files are same the difference is that one is compressed or minimised but another is not minimised compressed.

Compressing your code decreases your web page size and lower the size, lower will be the loading time.

Remove unnecessary stuff:

The next technique to make your website load faster is removing unnecessary stuff from your website like JavaScript or CSS files that you have used before but now you are not using them but they are still connected to your web page

You have to remove all of them so that your website will not have to fetch all that data or load that files which your website don't need.

External data:

When you import any external data to your website your website has to request to that website to get all that data and if you have more requests your website loading time will be increased which makes your website slow.

Optimising image quality:

You should have to optimise your images because images are one of the thing that increases your visitors but decreases your website SEO.

You should have to use images that are clear to see not Blur but your images should not be in extra high quality mode HD mode.

Highest quality higher will be the size of file.

Optimize your comment system:

If you are using disqus comment system also if you are using Facebook plugin for commenting then you should have to load your commenting script on an event like you should have to create a button for that when user clicks that button your comment form will be loaded you will find tutorial on that on my website.

Theme or Template:

You should use light weight themes that are device friendly and if you are a wordpress user then i recommend you to don't use too much plugins.

These are all some techniques that I have founded yet but if I found any other I will share it with you.

Now it's your turn to go and practice all these tricks or techniques on your website and then see your website loading time will be decreases up to 90% .

I hope this tutorial help the you a lot and if you want to learn more about SEO, programming tips and tricks etc. subscribe to the newsletters of this Blog by entering your email id in the below form and click subscribe button.
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