How to Add Credit Link to Copied Content




How to Add Credit Link to Copied Content

How to Add Credit Link to Copied Content

How to Add Credit Link to Copied Content

Copying some one content from internet is very easy and it's very common most of the people does not write content for their websites they simply copy the content from other websites and posted to their sites.

Technically it is submitted and is allowed by copyright law that if anyone copy content from your website he of she has to edit credit link to that but people didn't do that they just copy and publish the content without informing the author and without adding credits links.

Sometimes they do not follow copyrights law. In today's tutorial I am going to tell you the method or going to provide you a script you have to use this script in your blogger blog or on any other platform and this will help you to maintain your copyright protection law.

Basically this script will add a Credit link if someone copies any content from your website.

If you want to add credit links to the content if someone copies from your website you have to follow the steps which are provided below.

You can paste this script into your website where you can edit your template whether it is on wordpress or in blogger but as you know that I am a blogger user so that I am going to tell you in blogger how you can add this functionality.

Steps to Make this in work:

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard
  2. Then go to Theme / Template
  3. Click Edit HTML Button
  4. Now search for </head>
  5. To Search anything in blogger Press Ctrl + F and type or paste the term to search in search bar.
  6. Now copy any one code provided below and paste it just above the code we searched in step 4.
  7. Version 1:
    function nocopas(){var e=window.getSelection();
    pagelink="Read more :"+document.location.href,copytext=e+pagelink,newdiv=document.createElement("div"),"absolute","-99999px",document.body.appendChild(newdiv),newdiv.innerHTML=copytext,e.selectAllChildren(newdiv),window.setTimeout(function(){document.body.removeChild(newdiv)},100)}document.addEventListener("copy",nocopas);
    Version 2:
    !function(e,n){var t,o,a,r,i,d,c="getSelection",l="removeAllRanges",s="addRange",f="parentNode",g="appendChild",u="test";e[c]&&n.addEventListener("copy",function(m){for(;3===o.nodeType;)o=o[f];if(r=n.createElement("div"),(t=e[c]())&&t.rangeCount&&(t=t.getRangeAt(0))&&(a=t.cloneRange(),t=t.cloneContents())){for(;i=t.firstChild;)r[g](i);if(!/^(pre|code)$/i[u](o.nodeName||"")&&!/(^|\s)no-attribution(\s|$)/i[u](o.className||"")){var p=e.location.href;r.innerHTML+="<br><br>©"+n.title+'<br >Source:<a href="'+p+'">'+p+"</a>"}d=n.createRange(),n.body[g](r),d.selectNodeContents(r),(t=e[c]())[l](),t[s](d),setTimeout(function(){r[f].removeChild(r),t[l](),t[s](a)})}},!1)}(window,document);
  8. Save Theme / Template

you are all done you have added this functionality in blogger that how to add credit linked to copied content.

After adding the script to your website or blog when someone copy anything from your website you website link will be added to the selected content.
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