Html Basic | Learn Html in one Tutorial




Html Basic | Learn Html in one Tutorial

Html Basic | Learn Html in one Tutorial

Learn Basic HTML

Today i am going to tell you the basic HTML Overview and it's Tags.So now let's Start.
HTML Stands for Hyper text Mark-Up Language.HTML was developed for defining the structure of documents ,Paragraph ,Sells ,etc.

In it's Simplest form of HTML.Like Example.

You know HTML is Mark-up Language and it makes use of different Tags to format the content of our web pages.These Tags Enclosed with Angle Braces like has it's closing Tag .

Now we learn Basic HTML Tags.

The <DOCOTYPE..> Tag define the document type and version.
2. <html>
This HTML Tag enclosed the complete HTML Document and Header which is represented by head head
3. <head>
This tag represent the Header of the Document.
4. <title>
The title Tag used inside the head to mention the Document title.
5. <body>
This Tag Represent the Document Body keep other html tags ,<h1> ,<link> ,< a> etc.
6. <h1>
This is Heading Tag.
7. <P>
This tag used to Define the Paragraph.

I hope you know about basic of HTML .Now Download pdf Book below and learn more about HTML.If you have any problem then you should comment Us.Click To Download.

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