Protone VPN Free Download




Protone VPN Free Download

Protone VPN Free Download

Protone VPN Free Download"

ProtonVPN's free Software gets you an unlimited amount of data. But the network speed is kept deliberately very low, and you are allowed to connect only to ProtonVPN servers in Netherlands,Japan the and the United states.
If you want faster speed and ProtonVPN's full array of 295 servers in 25 countries (as of this writing), you'll have to spring for the Basic (4 euros or may be $5 U.S. per month), Plus (8 euros or $7 U.S. per month) or Visionary (24 euros or $24 U.S. per month) plans, the last of which gives you all the security notifications and whistles.

But there is no discount if you pay yearly and the $230 you pay to the company's Visionary plan which seems aimed at corporate users..
ProtonVPN dark main interface screen displays a map of the world, your current IP address, potential connection servers and something that all VPN service applications should have,a fever chart of data traffic and tabular details such as time connected and total data transferred. Based in Switzerland ProtonVPN is theoretically out of the reach of United States, and European Union law enforcement agencies although Switzerland is a member of Interpol. The company's Secure Core servers its inner ring are based in Switzerland Sweden and Iceland, all of which have strong privacy laws; it's too bad users of the free services.


We have test this VPN and five other VPN services with a free tier Avira Phantom VPN, , Hotspot Shield, Speedify, SurfEasy, at a suburban United States home provisioned with regular consumer broadband service.

Important Instruction's


OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec



Client platforms:

Windows, Mac, Android (iOS and Linux use third-party software).

Download ProtoneVpn's for Windows Free Click Below.

Download for Android

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