FileFort Back-up Software v3.31 for winAAdows Download




FileFort Back-up Software v3.31 for winAAdows Download

FileFort Back-up Software v3.31 for winAAdows Download

FileFort Backup Recovery Software Download

FileFort Back-up Software v3.31.

FileFort Backup Software for windowa is easy to use, free backup software that can backup files to a cloud storage service, FTP server, and other locations Easily.


This review is of FileFort Backup Software For windows v3.31. Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

FileFort Backup: Methods, Sources, Easy way &Destinations

The types of backup supported, as well as what on your computer can be selected for back up and where it can be backed up to, are the most important aspects to consider when choosing a backup software program. Here's that information for FileFort Backup:

Easy Backup Methods:

FileFort Backup supports a full backup, historical backup, and incremental backup

Easy Backup Sources:

Data from a local hard drive, network folder, or external drive (like a flash drive) can be backed up with FileFort Backup Software.

Easy Backup Destinations:

You are able to backup to a folder on the same drive, network folder,FTP server, CD/DVD/BD disc ,or an external hard drive.</ BR> Backing up to a cloud storage service is also supported, like to Google Drive or Dropbox. This turns FileFort Backup Software , plus your favorite storage service, into a probably very inexpensive online backup service.

More Detail's About FileFort Backup

FileFort Software Can be used in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, as well as on Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.
Tiny setup file at around 500 KB .
Very quick install .
Backs us whole folders and/or individual files, Can explicitly include and/or exclude files from a backup by their extension .

Option to exclude files from a backup that are over a particular size .
A backup can be created as a BKZ file,

 self-extracting EXE file, or a ZIP archive FileFort Backup supports a mirror backup, which simply copies the source files to the destination .
You can browse through a backup using a built-in file extraction program, but only if the file type of the backup is BKZ or ZIP Backups can be restored to their original location or a custom one Toggle all video, audio, and/or image files to be excluded from a backup .
A backup wizard lets you quickly select documents, emails, music, and/or pictures to back up so you don't have to find those folders manually .
FileFort Backup allows for password protection and encryption using MEO encryption .
A backup can be scheduled to run daily or weekly at any time during the day Tips are shown for program settings and features.
 Missed backups can be set to run automatically Once a backup has already been created, you can choose to also burn it directly to a discOur Thought's on FileFort Backup Software:
Though this is a simple and easy to use program, FileFort Backup has a few things that set it back when compared to similar products.

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