Top 10 tips Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website




Top 10 tips Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website

Top 10 tips Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website

Top 10 tips Must know before Creating a Blog/Website

Top 10 tips Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website:

Focus on SEO When just Starting..

SEO is a wide Traffic Source for our website. If you are just starting ,just focusing on SEO to increase your traffic for your website don't waist your time to get paid or genrating traffic.
You should just focus on organic traffic. Why? You might get penalized by keyword stuffing or quickly building bad backlinks. You never know what SEO mistakes you are making unless you gain some basic SEO skills. That’s the reason why you should forget about SEO in the beginning and just focus on writing engaging content for your Visitors. Make your content So good that your Visitor Must share it on social media, and you will attract backlinks from other blogs naturally. SEO is all about quality backlinks and proper keyword research. Unless you know those two factors very well, focusing on SEO doesn’t give you any good results. Note Even if you don’t focus on SEO at all in the beginning, make sure to learn the SEO basics. You should Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website.That's way you can nurture your SEO skills to use them later to bring more traffic from search engines to your blogs.


 Fix and find website Issues..

Are you Trying to boost your SEO traffic even if you are posting good content regularly? The problem might be, then, your website has some crawling, SEO or compatibility issues. Google always gives top priority to the sites that are both search engine And Users friendly. If your site is not browser friendly or having lengthy article titles or meta description, it can do some serious damage to your overall search traffic. So make sure to use tools like SEMRUSH,AHREF etc, to find and fix all your website issues. SEMrush has an incredible feature called 'Site Audit' where you can create a project with your own domain name to find all the issues your site has. There are also so many free tools out there such as Plugin SEO, Broken Link ,SEO site checkup, Checker, etc. to find if your site has any problems related to Should Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website.So try to keep organic should work on social media to gain your traffic.


 Start Growing Your Presence on Social Media work on Social Media..

Whether you know it or not, social media is the new SEO. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. can help you in 3 incredible ways. They help you quickly boost your blog traffic. Create viral headlines. They always bring you instant traffic from social media sites. Use social media sites Like Facebook,twitter,instagram,and many more to build connections with the influencers. You can build your own tribe using your Facebook fan pages, groups or Twitter chats. The pro tip here is NOT to spend all of your time on all the social media sites at once. Don’t grow your presence across Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Facebook all at once. You can never focus 100% of your energy or time if you do so. The best and easy way to build audience across these platforms is to conquer one after the other. Once you start getting more comments and shares on your Facebook posts, move on to Twitter and connect with the influencers. Once you conquer Twitter, you can move on to the other.You should Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website.Hope Now, you get the idea!.


  Just Building an Email List is Not Enough..

98% of the marketers and bloggers say The money is in the list. Is it real in the list,Do you know? Seriously, building an email list is NOT enough. You have to sell. You have to create engagement. You need to build trust. You have to find ways to sell your email list. It can be anything from products to services to promoting affiliate products. But the problem with most bloggers who build email lists is that they don’t make much money. Do you know why? They don’t create awareness about the products or services they promote to their audience. What happens when you try to sell to someone who doesn’t know anything about your products? Well, they DON'T buy! They don’t even respond to your emails. That’s why I said, building an email list is not enough. You should look for ways to educate your subscribers, help them more and then find ways to make money from the list. Only then, you can do justification to your email list. Create an email autoresponder that automatically sends emails to the new subscribers. You Should Must Know Before Creating a Blog/Website.Make sure it has meaty emails that are filled with great content, not promotional related stuff.


 More Website Traffic is Not Equal to More Sales.

People pay you not page views. Always in mind remember to focus on the people and gaining their trust instead of getting more traffic. Yes, I agree that more website traffic is good. But... what’s the point of getting a million page views a month and not making any sales? So remember to focus on defining your target audience. Find out what they truly want. Figure out their needs and wants and provide solutions either by offering your services or recommending others products. Take a look at this article where I have provided various solutions to a BIGGEST problem in blogging.


  Keep and Make Writing Your Regular Habit.

Great bloggers are great writers. Great writers create SEO content that sells. They know how to write powerful content that attracts the attention of anyone/Visitors. 80.5% of the bloggers lose to get traction with their blogs just because they lack copywriting skills. Again, I am not saying that you should be a prolific writer to create captivating content. All you need is to care about your audience. You should have a burning desire to write magical words. The simple tip is, Write EVERY single day. It does not matter what day of the week is. It does not matter whether you are using a laptop or paper. Just write every day. That is the only way you can improve your writing skills.


  Must Start Events with Webinars.

Did you know, the 1 list building strategy that has highest conversion rates? It is creating webinars. Jon Morrow, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn every successful writer and marketer is using webinars just because of their conversion rates. So give a try to creating webinars around the topics that solve your audience problems. Try to tie up with the influencers in your niche. Do interviews with them. Ask people to join your list to watch your webinar recordings. You can also consider using Google+ hangouts to you build and grow your lists. Likewise, conducting or attending blogging related events can also be a huge help. Not only you will find like minded people to connect but events will also help you grow your online business.


 Update Yourself with New Information Best way.

Did you know the Biggest mistake most bloggers make? It’s rehashing content. Why should anyone read your stuff if you are repeating what everyone else is saying? To create a profitable blog/Website that makes money and adds value to others, you need to research a lot. Read often. Write more. Be creative. And create problem-solving content that’s useful for your target audience. To do that, you need to gain more knowledge. Read books. Watch TED talks. Go through the answers on Quora (it’s a great platform for intellectuals). Create Google Alerts for your targeted topics to get updates about the latest and trending news. My Image Optimization guide is a good example of problem-solving content.


 Don't put all your EGGs in one Basket.

If you are an advanced blogger who is blogging for a long time, you don’t have to invest all your time, money and efforts into only one of your blogs. Diversify your income sources. Diversify your traffic sources. Find new ways to bring both traffic and sales to your blog(s). You never know when Google is going to penalize you. You never know what happens after 5 years in your niche. So the smart move you can make today is to brainstorm all the ideas for making more money and building a solid email list who are eager to buy your products. Automate the stuff (along with your content creation strategy) and work as less as possible on your current blog to build a new stream of business.

Tips.10....Evaluate your Monetization Strategies Keep on.

Tell us what’s your 1 source that’s helping you make more money from your blog? Is it AdSense,Selling ads, Affiliate marketing, Or something else? Carefully reevaluate all your monetization strategies once. Find out if you can make passive income from your blogs traffic. If you are heavily depend on ONE monetization strategy "AdSense or affiliate marketing", find out one more way. You never know when your monetization source is going to hurt you so relying upon only one monetization strategy is never good. My top tip here is to list out top 10 blogs in your field which are using multiple ways to make money from their traffic. Give a shot to all of them one by one to know which one works better for you to make more passive income every single month.
Hey hope you have find many more.But if you have any problem tell us in comment box.....
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