Best and Amazing SEO Tips 2019




Best and Amazing SEO Tips 2019

Best and Amazing SEO Tips 2019

Here is the best SEO Tips|

Today i'm going to tell you best SEO tips and techniques

In Fact👉

Here is the tips that i have used to grow my site for most of organic visitors

👉 1 Do an Industry Study|

What's the easy way to take backlinks from permission blogs and websites in your niche.

An Industry Study|

BuzzSumo found,that publishing an Industry study can bring to a ton of traffic ,social Media Shares,and mention in the press.

Real Example here|

A few months ago, I noticed that lots of SEO blogs were talking about voice search. But I also noticed that very few of these posts cited any data or research.So we decided to do the Big-scale Voice Search SEO Study.\

How did this contents do?

Even though this post is only a few months old, it’s already generated over 500 backlinks.
The best part?
 I didn’t need to do a ton of outreach to get these links.Because my content provides bloggers and journalists with data…

👉 2 Use a 'Feeler' e-mail|

When it comes to email outreach link building, you have two options:

1.Pitch your link in the first email
2.Send a “feeler” email… then make your pitch
In my experience, point 2 converts much better.

Instead of asking for a link right away, he sent a “feeler” email.

That way, he could make sure someone was interested…BEFORE asking for anything.
And that “feeler” email doubled Rauf’s conversion rate:
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