How to Optimize Your Adsense CPC 2019




How to Optimize Your Adsense CPC 2019

How to Optimize Your Adsense CPC 2019

How to Optimize Your Adsense CPC 2019

How to Optimize Your Adsense CPC 2019

The Mostly people makes a mistake in Adsense ,I was see people using Adsense as their monetization strategy.The Biggest mistake people forget that Adsense is a CPC based network. You will get paid per click, Not by impression's.
Still over and over again I see site Admi's not laying out their ads on their sites to maximize their income potential....

Website Traffic

How to optimize your web trafic

Don't Forget traffic for right now.

Forget traffic for right now. I’m going to tell you tips to Optimize your adsense earning from your existing traffic with a few optimization tricks I’ve picked up over the years.
Depending on what kind of traffic your website getting, you will get higher or lower CPC.
Google will counts everything from the time a user spent on website, to how much they scrolled, how many pages they visited etc.If you have more traffic on your website then you can get high CPC Also passive income.

How you should show ads on your site..

Place at least two adsense ads on your single post to get more impression's.
I know, those ads mixed into your content, but it's where your ads can get the most submission. I whould like to place at least 2 ad blocks within the content itself: 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.

Which color we should choose..

longest time, I had the same color scheme to my site: black text and blue links.
It worked Mostly sites. But I noticed that using red links throughout my site instead of blue worked so much better. Maybe it has something to do with people’s natural blindness to blue link ads, but red far outperforms blue.Try making all the links on your site red, and then use the same red color for your Adsense ads. Don’t use a bright red, but more of a maroon color so your site doesn’t look like it was built in 1989.

How to Optimize Your Adsense CPC 2019

which adsense ads we should choose

Ever visit a website and see the ad follow you down the page as you scrolled down? Implementing that into my websites dramatically improved my CTR and overall RPM. Sticky sidebar adsense ads Even if you do get permission to use it, it’s only against the policy if you hover it over your content. For example, if you had an ad block above your post title and it covered your content as you scrolled down, that would be against the rules.If you have it in the sidebar, away from any content on the site, you’re allowed to use the feature.Sidebar ads really suck for Adsense. But with this scrolling plugin, I improved my sidebar-ad CTR by over 100%.
The best ad unit for this? The giant 300 x 600 large skyscraper ads.
How to Create Backlinks 2019

Google will search and scan your website and they will see if you're writing on a bunch of different topics or if you're writing on a specific topic. So if you write on many things, Google will not show you ads that are related to your content , so thats why CPC will be low.
For example you have an authority website with many great quality articles on a certain topic like Horse training, and all your content is related to training your Horse, then Google will show you more related ads about Horse, Horse toys, Horse training programs, Horse products, insurance for your Horse, etc.. these ads will, of course, pay more.

Write Short Code..

For Wordpress User's This involves editing some PHP files, but don’t freak out if you can’t code. This is really simple stuff.What it does is it allows you to make a simple short code that allows you to add in ads wherever you please,So while you are writing an article, all you have to do is type in Adsense ads wherever you want the ad to be, and it will place it there. This is useful if you want to control your ad positions on shorter and longer posts, or for different kind of posts such as a video or image heavy posts.
Paste Code here
// Ad Shortcode
function ads_shortcode() {
return 'ERASE';
add_shortcode('ads', 'ads_shortcode');
Don’t forget to delete the line that says "ERASE" and paste in your Adsense code.
You can put in styling along with your Adsense code to center them, float them, place 2 ads side by side, etc.Now, when you’re writing or editing your posts, wherever you type in [ads], it will show the Adsense code and whatever styling you applied to it.

Don't use more than 2 ads in post.

An article with 300 words but 5-6 AdSense ads will not perform better if for example you only had 2-3 ads. Google wants quality content. So if you have a long quality article of about 1500-2000 words, sure you can put about 5-6 ads on that page. Otherwise don't just plaster your website with ads. More ads does not mean more revenue it can dicrease your revenue.But if Quality content that interact the user it will increase your cpc ....

Heatmap Software

How to Optimize Your Adsense CPC 2019
With a heatmap software, you can spy on your visitors and see exactly where they click on your website and what things they're looking at. So by seeing where they click, you can try and position your ads accordingly.


As you learned from these optimization adsense tips, there are a lot of things you can do to increase revenue off of your existing traffic.
You may be leaving a lot of money on the table by just installing a plugin that lays out the ads at the top and bottom of every post.
While a lot of things with Adsense are out of your control, you can use these Adsense optimization tips to experiment with your own site.
Hope so you learned How you can optimize your adsense CPC (Cost per click).
Still if you have any kind of query feel free comment below as soon as possible i will answer to there query.
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